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Go For The Gold! | Clock Restoration


Here is a Before and After of a clock we restored and gold plated for one of our high quality clients.
We are very pleased with how well our hard work, and strong attention to detail, translated into this gorgeous gold clock .

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Stone Fountain | Restoration


It takes heavy cleaning to prepare jobs like this for finishing. As you can see, the work is worth it. With a verdigris finish, you have a beautifully restored product.

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Restored Tables from Hurricane Katrina | Polished Nickel


These before and after photos are of two brass and polished nickel tables that were recovered from the devastating Katrina hurricane in New Orleans. They were an absolute disaster when they arrived at our shop from being exposed to salt water for who knows how long. Our client will now… [read more]

Brass Bed | Polished Brass Lacquered | Restoration


If you ever thought of taking apart that old brass bed – don’t even think about it!  It’s quite a bit tougher than if looks.  Every piece is taken apart, individually polished, lacquered and reassembled.  Pictured is Harald who I would have to bet has completed dozens of beds in… [read more]