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Rim Lock | Silver Plate | Antique | Burnished


This custom rim lock is in an antique burnished silver finish and is at home in a Chicago apartment.
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Rim Lock | Polished Brass | Matte Black


The matte black finish on this rim lock really makes the polished brass knob and trim pop.
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Rim Lock | Install | Brass


Here is the outside of a rim lock install.  What a classic clean look with only a knob, rosette and lidded cylinder cover!
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Rim Lock | Satin Nickel


Rim Locks originated and are more prevalent on the east coast.  This one in satin nickel was made for a customer here in the mid-west.  Check out the drop pull handle that is on the inside.  The only hardware on the outside would be the knob, rosette and cylinder cover.  A… [read more]